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Fountain Pen Photography

fountain pen is a nib pen that, unlike its predecessor the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of water-based liquid ink. The pen draws ink from the reservoir through a feed to the nib and deposits it on paper via a combination of gravity andcapillary action.

Filling the reservoir with ink may be achieved manually (via the use of a Pasteur pipette or syringe), or via an internal filling mechanism which creates suction (for example, through a piston mechanism) to transfer ink directly through the nib into the reservoir. Some pens employ removable reservoirs in the form of pre-filled ink cartridges. A fountain pen needs little or no pressure to write.

The earliest historical record of a reservoir pen dates to the 10th century. In 953, Ma’ād al-Mu’izz, the caliph of the Maghreb, demanded a pen that would not stain his hands or clothes, and was provided with a pen that held ink in a reservoir and delivered it to the nib, which could be held upside-down without leaking, as recorded inKitab al-Majalis wa ‘l-musayardt, by Qadi al-Nu’man al-Tamimi (d. 974). No details of the construction or mechanism of operation of this pen are known, and no examples have survived.

Source : Wikipedia

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fountain pen photography
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fountain pen photography
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Montblanc Dumas Fountain Pen
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Cross ATX Fountain Pen Victoria Purple
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Fountain Pen Reflection
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Montblanc Dostoevsky Fountain Pen
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Creative Flow
By Ian Hayhurst

Macro of Omas 360
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