10 great old man portraits in B&W

Old man portraits

Old age consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle.Euphemisms and terms for old people include seniors (American usage), senior citizens (British and American usage), older adults (in the social sciences), the elderly, and elders (in many cultures including the cultures of aboriginal people).

Old people often have limited regenerative abilities and are more prone to disease, syndromes, and sickness than younger adults. For the biology of ageing, see senescence. The medical study of the aging process is gerontology, and the study of diseases that afflict the elderly is geriatrics.

The boundary between middle age and old age cannot be defined exactly because it does not have the same meaning in all societies. People can be considered old because of certain changes in their activities or social roles. Examples: people may be considered old when they become grandparents, or when they begin to do less or different work—retirement. Traditionally, the age of 60 was generally seen as the beginning of old age. Most developed world countries have accepted the chronological age of 65 years as a definition of ‘elderly’ or older person.

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Old man …
By Sukanta Maikap Photography

The man
By Atilla1000

Man at the Square
By wittap

Chinese portrait #3
By rollier
By notnA

By Ognen Bojkovski