10 great Tuareg portrait photography

Tuareg portrait photography

The Tuareg (also spelled Twareg or Touareg; endonym Imuhagh) are a Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.

The Tuareg language, or languages, have an estimated 1.2 million speakers. About half this number is accounted for by speakers of the Eastern dialect (Tamajaq, Tawallammat). Most Tuareg live in the Saharan parts of Niger and Mali but, being nomadic, they move constantly across national borders, and small groups of Tuareg are also found in southeasternAlgeria, southwestern Libya and northern Burkina Faso, and a small community in northern Nigeria.

The name Tuareg is derived from Targa, the Berber name of Libya’s Fezzan province. The name Tuareg thus in origin designated the inhabitants of Fezzan from the perspective of the Berbers living closer to the Mediterranean coast, and was adopted from them into English, French and German during the colonial period. The Berber noun targa means “drainage channel” and by extension “arable land, garden”. It designated the Wadi al-Haya area between Sabha and Ubari and is rendered in Arabic as bilad al-khayr “good land”.

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tuareg portrait photography

tuareg portrait photography
By  Eric Lafforgue

Badi b/w
By   Emilia Tjernström

Tuareg > at sunset > Sahara desert > Libya
By  Aman.. Iman..


Veiled Tuareg Young Man !
By   BenTaher

By  Carmen Hache

By  Robert Moran..

north african-tuareg tribesman - by Lee McLaughlin- eTrips
By  leeshoots

Emi Tuareg
By  metrostation