10 Moving Clown Portraits

Clown Portraits

Clowns are comic performers stereotypically characterized by the grotesque image of the circus clown’s colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, and red nose, which evolved to project their actions to large audiences. Other less grotesque styles have also developed, including theatre, television, and film clowns. Peter Berger writes that “It seems plausible that folly and fools, like religion and magic, meet some deeply rooted needs in human society”. For this reason, clowning is often considered an important part of training as a physical performancediscipline, partly because tricky subject matter can be dealt with, but also because it requires a high level of risk and play in the performer.

The humour in clowning comes from the self-deprecating actions of the performer, rather than the audience laughing with the performer as is common with other forms of comedy.

The term coulrophobia has been coined to describe those individuals who report a fear of clowns.

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clown portraits
By desdibuix – miquel

Clown Portrait
By _mcneil

facial expressions
By RedArt photographer

I am the future...
By carf

By liangdu

A day with clowns
By flavita.valsani

Faces (The truth lies behind the mask)
By carlosmoraes

face of truth
By ajpscs

I'll give up in the new year...
By robinneilly

By Alέxandros