10 Myths of Being a Professional Photographer

Every photographer, veteran or novice thinks they know it all about crisp and crusty photograph capturing. However, not many know that they are sadly misinformed about the perceptions behind professional photo capturing. This is what we are going to talk about share with you today. Some myths are better left in boxes dark and deep, because if left open, they could mess things around.


Is it cheating to use Photoshop?

Prior to digitalisation of photography, there were many service providers who would spend long hours in rooms dark and red. They would do so to make contract strips, and would manipulate the colour and contrast of the images captured. Thanks to the advancement of technology, these days one doesn’t have to spend those long darkroom hours anymore. With software such as Aperture, Photoshop and Lightroom being widely used, we call it essential help and not cheating.

Which camera to use?

One cannot say brand X is better than brand Y, doing so wouldn’t be fair. Camera manufacturers make cameras that have high quality gear attached to them, and there are various named suppliers in the market, helping you arrange a complete professional’s kit as well. What you would have to do is to check with your needs, your individual style, preferences and a budget for the camera, before choosing one. Hence comparisons for cameras shouldn’t be done.

Photo booth

The costlier the better

More often than not, amateur and budding photographers misconceive expensive quality cameras with taking the best photos. Yes, one needs the best quality lens and a camera to begin with, which would give a range of stunning shots to capture. However, pro equipment to have can be a sin unforgiving, especially if you don’t know how to use it well. One has to spend time learning the nuances of photography, and just by waking up one morning and spending thousands on a camera, wouldn’t help achieve the purpose.

Cropping images

Most believe that cropping images happens only in the hands of the novice and not with the pros, which again is untrue. How else do you think the F1 shots or wildlife chases are caught in still motion? A perspective is formed when cropping is done, and most of the pros working for big names as employees or freelancers, dole out cropped picture and photographs. So yes, pros crop images.

Auto settings aren’t used by pros

Now this would solely depend on the ambiance around, let’s take for example a fashion shoot. If it is happening in a studio, it would allow the photographer to use manual settings, since everything is done under controlled mise-en-scene. But for catwalks and ramp fashion, an auto focus setting has to be used, to capture the right sway and move.

Professional photographer

One has to be a pro photographer to love photography

True to an extent, but not the BIBLE. The client briefs the photographer and they work to be paid for the same. The matter and subject, style et al is chosen by the client, not the photographer in many cases. The client needs his way or it’s the highway for the photographer when it comes to repeat assignments.

Fixed timings for photographers

This is so not true, you could be called for a very early morning shoot, a late Friday night venture, midnight shoots at a dumping ground, wherever and whenever the client needs you, period. So if you thought it’s all about fixed timings, think again.

Better pix quality means using more megapixels

Completely false; it is the lens quality which brings about great picture quality, and not megapixel count. The latter only helps with the image size, that’s it.

Pay by the hour

Clients pay for what you do, hourly or not. However, you would end up paying a lot at post-production, travelling and many other factors included.

Who needs flash during daylight shots?

We all do, and we very well know without lights it is impossible to have the best range of photos given. The weather outside or in during the day may look bright enough, but would that solve the purpose? Hence, cameras with reflectors should be chosen for perfect photography.