10 telephone box photography in the middle of nowhere

Telephone box

telephone boothtelephone kiosktelephone call boxtelephone box, or public call box is a small structure furnished with a payphone and designed for a telephone user’s convenience. In the USA and Canada, “telephone booth” is used, while throughout the Commonwealth of Nations it is a “telephone box” or “phone box”. Such a booth usually has lighting, a door to provide privacy, and windows to let others know if the booth is in use. The booth may be furnished with a printed directory of local telephone numbers, and a booth in a formal setting, such as a hotel, may be furnished with paper and pen and even a seat. An outdoor booth may be made of metal and plastic to withstand the elements and heavy use, while an indoor booth (once known as a silence cabinet) may have more elaborate architecture and furnishings. Most outdoor booths feature the name and logo of the telephone service provider.

Source : Wikipedia


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Cabine telephone HDR
By Jean-Michel Leclercq

Stewart Island Phone box
By Nepturamus

Telephonzelle in Norwegen -  phone-box in Norway
By Frank_F_S

To Hell's Gate - what the...?
By Tait’s Albums

it's for you
By Az~Kate

Middle of Nowhere
By jacqbez

Call from the wild
By m0rnec

Telephone Booth
By Ericsson Beach

Call Of The Wild
By cass39

By rorm316