10 Ways Cloud Storage Benefits Photographers

Photography and the Internet began to merge way back in 1992, when the first photograph was uploaded to the web. Since then, continuing advances in technology have revolutionized photography. Now, cloud computing is giving creative professionals a powerful new set of tools to work with.

Cloud storage

Massive New Storage Capacity

Accessing and sending files once meant using bulky e-mail attachments or toting around flash drives or CDs that were easily lost or damaged. Now, thanks to the cloud, accessing images is as simple as logging onto the Internet from any web-capable device.

Better Communication with Clients and Co-Workers

The cloud gives photographers the ability to work directly with clients or colleagues on projects, by creating a single place where everyone can go to see the assignment in progress. From there, any of the involved parties can make comments or have chat-based discussions.

Forever Backup for Assignments

Clients often use photos, logos and other designs well into the future. Creative professionals frequently like to include legacy projects in their portfolios. The cloud makes accessing these materials a simple task, no matter how long ago they were created. Using the cloud means no more lost work due to failed hard drives or damaged disks. Some online backup storage companies provide a limited amount of free data, a Mozy review states.

Real-Time Messages to Keep Everyone in the Loop

With time-sensitive projects, sometimes getting a comment or revision can make the difference between meeting a deadline and missing it. The cloud allows designers to know the minute a project is updated, enabling them to finish assignments faster.

Elimination of Email Tag

“Did you get my comment on that image?” is the sort of message that leads to time-wasting exchanges between client and designer. The cloud eliminates these hassles, giving all stakeholders in a project a place to add revisions, request information or provide feedback.

More Productive Exchanges Through Chat

Email is a wonderful tool, but it can never take the place of real-time interactions. Chat enables stakeholders to communicate on the spot, sharing information more rapidly and getting the job done more quickly.

Links for Displaying Projects

Getting input from others is vital to improving the final product. With shared links, this becomes an easy task. Links can even be posted to social media sites for crowdsourced feedback.

Streamlined Group Efforts

This is especially helpful for those who juggle several projects at the same time. Having access to the cloud allows photographers to divvy up assignments according to groups and folders, while controlling who has access to each file. This gives all team members a central place to go for each project, eliminating confusion that can result from assignment overload

Enhanced Online Portfolios with Slideshows

An outstanding portfolio is essential for gaining new clients. The cloud enables photographers to create slideshow presentations of previous assignments, making it easy for them to showcase their work. It also enables respondents to post their own input for the photographer’s benefit.

Brainstorming Networks

By accessing a group just for professional photographers, members can have a place to share thoughts and ideas, evaluate each other’s work, and expand their individual networks.

Have you used cloud storage for your photography? Share the benefits you experienced in the comments.