2011 Spanish protests : the best photos

Spanish protests

The 2011–2012 Spanish protests, also referred to as the 15-M Movement (Spanish: Movimiento 15-M) theIndignants movement, and Take the Square #spanishrevolution are a series of ongoing demonstrations in Spain whose origin can be traced to social networks such as Real Democracy NOW(Spanish: Democracia Real YA) or Youth Without a Future (Spanish: Juventud Sin Futuro) among other civilian digital platforms and 200 other small associations. The protests started on 15 May 2011 with an initial call in 58 Spanish cities.

The series of protests demands a radical change in Spanish politics, as protesters do not consider themselves to be represented by any traditional party nor favoured by the measures approved by politicians. Spanish media have related the protests to the economic crisis, Stéphane Hessel’s Time for Outrage!, the NEETtroubled generation and current protests in the Middle East and North Africa, Iran, Greece, Portugal as well as the Icelandic protest and riots in 2009. The movement drew inspiration from 2011 revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and uprisings in 1968 France, and Greece in 2008, as well as South Korea in 1980 and 1987. The protests were staged close to the local and regional elections, held on 22 May.

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Spanish protests
By Vicnaba

Spanish protests
By iban_ch

Indignats / Indignados / Indignés. Le Baiser.
By Julien Lagarde

By acampadabcnfoto

V passejant per la plaça
By dasoaz

By  kiolosa / Cayo

By Baltasar MT

27 Mayo desalojo de la Acampada Barcelona
By Irene Miranda

Apoyando la causa.
By patriki1987

By kashna