6 Canadian Places Every Photographer Should Visit

From the lighthouses of Prince Edward Island to the rocky shores of British Columbia, Canada is a photographer’s dream. Whether you love capturing nature, architecture, gardens, mountains or animals, the top of North America has it all in splendid color. From east to west, here are six opportunities for great shots you won’t want to miss, whether you’re a beginner or advanced photographer !

canadian places

Prince Edward Island

Almost every nook and cranny of PEI is film-worthy. In the spring, fields of lupines growing wild await. The glorious sandstone arches at low tide are an otherworldly sight. The view from the top of Mount Stewart in Queens County is spectacular, particularly in the fall. If you like early mornings, the red cliffs on the island’s east side are on fire every sunrise.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

One of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara falls is a tourist mecca and always a favorite attraction in summertime. Go in the late fall, winter or early spring to experience the wild side of this force of nature. In the summer, there are great opportunities for night photography when the falls are lit! The great city of Toronto is quite nearby, for those who love photographing architecture and people on the move.

Lake Louise, Alberta

This lake set among the mountains of Alberta offers so many beautiful shots at all times of year. Reflections of trees, clouds, sunsets and fall color are truly breathtaking. For those who like to get closer to nature, canoes and kayaks will do the trick. Don’t forget your macro lenses for the abundant plant life you’ll find, but use your telephoto lens when photographing wildlife, particularly bears.

Canadian Rockies

It’s almost impossible to capture the scope of this magnificent mountain range, but we keep trying anyway. Parks not to be missed include The Icefields, Yoho, Banff and Jasper National Park. Rugged stone, snow-capped views, lakes, rivers and wildlife are so abundant it can be overwhelming. This is a trip you’ll want to plan out carefully in order to get the most from a singular experience.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver

These 55 acres of botanical gardens nestled on the island of Vancouver are a garden photographer’s paradise. It was designed for visual beauty in all four seasons, but spring, summer and fall are the best. Thousands of species of rare and indigenous flowers, trees, shrubs and vines and all their attendant butterflies and insects are there to stimulate your senses and creative juices. You’ll need several days to take it all in.

Victoria, British Columbia

Finally, in the far west of Canada is the jewel in the crown. Victoria has everything a photographer needs. Mountains, the ocean, whales, gardens, magnificent architecture and quaint villages offer great images of every type. Surrounded by Canadian parks to the north and U.S. national parks just to the south, it is a great “jumping off” point for nature photographers from all over the world. Take a wildlife tour to keep your hands free for the camera!