6 Great Beginner Photography Tips

When starting photography it can be quite hard to grasp the entire things you have to do to get the amazing photo. However it never has to be that hard, in fact if you just take things slowly you will actually improve a lot faster than the others who are pushing everything too fast. If you have absolutely no idea how to start then use this article to help get your feet off the ground.

Keep It Cheap & Simple

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner photographer is to rush in and spend a lot of money. As with any hobby you should ensure that you are fully willing to devote your time to it before you commit any resources. Purchasing a brand new camera for a lot of money might mean that you have a new flashy camera with lots of picture settings; however what’s the use of this if you don’t know how to use it.

Besides just the type of camera you were thinking of purchasing also try to keep your shots simple. Going overboard with the types of shots you are trying to take might frustrate you. Keep it simple and you’ll be happier for it.

A paixão da fotografia de monumentos

A paixão da fotografia de monumentos

A Tripod Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to accessories a tripod is possibly one of the only things you need to have. Having a tripod will keep all of your shots still and maintain a focus that just holding it won’t be able to capture. Try and find the best priced tripod and take snaps as soon as possible.

beginner photography

Canon EOS 600D on tripod

Go To your Favourite Places

To start your passion off, you should go to your favourite places. There are bound to be places in your local town or city there are perfect for some camera snaps. Go there first and see if you can get the most out of your images. Try taking a shot in a landscape and a portrait frame to see what effect each gives the scenery.


Photo by Joss

Quick and Often

When you’re just starting out you should try and have your camera with you as often as possible. Not only will this expose you to plenty of different environments but give you the opportunity to get better.
Experiment With Settings

Even though you shouldn’t get too ingrained with settings and get too focused on taking the right one, you should certainly experiment. Experimenting with settings will mean that you will understand what your camera can do and how each part interacts. Over time you will learn when one setting will help one shot over the

Bagno Wasilkowo-Wikiekspedycja-2

Bagno Wasilkowo

Enjoy It!

The final piece of advice to beginners is to ensure that you enjoy photography. Make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in getting better or being known. Your first steps should always be to enjoy the experience and if you get good you can become a professional. Everyone started at the bottom so if you enjoy the process you will get there a lot quicker.

By Philip Lord from PJL Photography. Phil offer high quality outdoor family photography Blackburn and the UK to keep your memories forever.