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Campfire photography

campfire is a fire lit at a campsite, to serve the following functions: light, warmth, a beacon, an insect and/or apex predator deterrent, to cook, and for a psychological sense of security. In established campgrounds they are usually in a fire ring for safety. Campfires are a popular feature of camping, particularly among organized campers such as Scouts or Guides.

Ideally, campfires should be made in a fire ring. If a fire ring is not available, a temporary fire site may be constructed. Bare rock or unvegetated ground is ideal for a fire site. Alternatively, turf may be cut away to form a bare area and carefully replaced after the fire has cooled to minimize damage. Another way is to cover the ground with sand, or other soil mostly free of flammable organic material, to a depth of a few inches. A ring of rocks is sometimes construted around a fire. Fire rings, however, do not fully protect material on the ground from catching fire. Flying embers are still a threat, and the fire ring may become hot enough to ignite material in contact with it.

Source : wikipedia

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By A Fire of Gidgee Coals- Explored
By  southern_skies2

~ Lake Oberblegi ~ Campfire ~
By  dmkdmkdmk

By   Peter Bowers

Moon over Minnesota
By  Steve took it

Lost Coast Camp
By  Buck Forester

Campfire in Biyal Camp
By Mobeen_Ansari

songs about texas
By  Michael Middleton

The Campfire
By  zoniedude1

Soul Searching
By  Dylan MacMaster

Fire Storm
By  JD Hancock