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Camila Craig was born in Brazil and lived in Peru for more than 10 years. She is a 16-year-old American photographer, and at her young age already has a photographic exhibition: “Dentro de Mi”.

In this set of pictures she portraits the soul of her brother with autism, with the intention of raising awareness in this subject. For more than a year this collection has traveled around Peru and has been exhibited in the most important showrooms in Lima (the capital).

Her knowledge of various languages has taken her from America to Europe in a cultural exchange to France, which helped her to spread the word about her work and gain a more wide vision of the world that surrounds her.
Currently, Camila is finishing her studies in High School and preparing herself to pursue a career in Liberal Arts and Photography.



Camila Craig photo
Camila craig photo
Camila Craig photo
Children portrait photo
Camila Craig photo
children portrait
Camila Craig photo
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Black and white photo
Children under the rain photo