Cape Town From A Photographer’s Perspective – The Best Views In The City

There is no doubt about it; Cape Town is an incredibly photogenic city. It is considered to be one of the most iconic cities in the world and in South Africa it is called the ‘Mother City’. This South African travel destination is absolutely gorgeous and its natural splendour and unique architecture makes it irresistible for the photography enthusiast to capture on film. Whenever you head out of your hotel during your visit to Cape Town, ensure you always have a charge in your camera battery and plenty of room on your memory card, because you will want to snap hundreds of photos of this picturesque city.

The best months for a photography trip to Cape Town will be the South African summer, which is September to early May. The weather will be ideal at this time of year for you to capture stunning photographs.

If you are hoping to get some great photos during your trip to Cape Town, check out these locations that are guaranteed to provide you with juicy fodder for your hungry lens.

Green Market Square During the Flea Market

Vida e Caffè Green Market Sq

Vida e Caffè Green Market Sq

If you like taking human-interest shots of busy crowds of people, head down to Greenmarket Square Flea Market. This cobbled square is one of the oldest marketplaces in Cape Town and it has a lively atmosphere as buskers, jugglers and mimes perform for shoppers who peruse the displays. Make yourself inconspicuous so that you can take sneaky candid photos of people interacting with their guard down.

Whale Watching on the Coast

MillersPoint View of Coast - Cape Town 2

MillersPoint View of Coast – Cape Town

If you are patient, wait with your camera on one of the steep cliffs around the coastline of Cape Town and you might just get a photo of a whale in the wild. Cape Aghullus, Chapman’s Peak, Fish Hoek and Cape Point are good viewing points where you might possibly see a whale. This is a situation when a great zoom lens will really come in handy.

Gregarious Baboons

Cape Town 2012 05 16 0026 (7365150762)

Cape Town 2012

The animal charity known as Baboon Matters hosts a number of guided walks through the mountains on the Southern Peninsula, near Kommetijie. If you take one of these walks, you can see wild baboons swinging through the trees, carrying their babies around, squabbling with each other; snacking on pine nuts and peering curiously back at you. It is a great opportunity to take photos of these hilarious and expressive creatures.

The Top of Table Mountain

Robben Island as seen from the top of Table Mountain

Robben Island as seen from the top of Table Mountain

Take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. This flat-topped mountain will provide you with the most stunning views. From the top of the mountain, you can see beautiful scenery in all 360 degrees, so it is a perfect place to try out the panoramic setting on your camera. You can also take photos during the journey up because the specially designed glass cable cars rotate 360 degrees to show you everything.

St. James Beach on a Sunny Day

St James beach houses 2004

St James beach houses

Take your camera and head to St. James beach on a sunny day. While you are there you are sure to get to get ridiculously colourful shots of tourists swimming and the bright rainbow hues of the painted bathing boxes that line the coast. These are the types of incredibly colourful photographs that your friends will not believe you haven’t tweaked on Photoshop.

The Pretty Bo-Kaap Neighbourhood

Bo-Kaap scene

Bo-Kaap scene

Take the bus to Bo-Kaap, which is the most scenic suburb of Cape Town. The houses here are painted in beautiful pastel and rainbow colours and each one is unique. This neighbourhood is featured on many Cape Town postcards, but while you are here you need to get your own shots of its photogenic architecture.

These are just a few of the best locations where you can snap fantastic photos of Cape Town. Have fun and enjoy your visit !