Choose the Best Wedding Photographer on Your Special Day !

Choose the Best Wedding Photographer on Your Special Day !

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that everyone wants to be perfect including their wedding photographer. Below are some things to consider when choosing for the best wedding photographer in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

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Check with the photographer’s packages

What you are looking for isn’t the cheapest photographer who may just be a guy in the neighbourhood with a cheap digital camera. You will want a photographer who will give you the most value for your buck. Photographers are not just hired for their time, but also for their skills. Taking an amazing shot is not as easy as it looks and it takes more than having the most expensive camera. 

As with regards to a photographer’s time, you need to check if they will work round the clock. You will want a photographer who will be around before, during and after the wedding. If they will include the time to design the albums, edit the shots and framing certain pictures, they are well worth your consideration.

Check a photographer’s package if it covers other overhead costs including the assistants, equipment and insurance cost. Professional photographers will have all the necessary equipment including additional lenses, batteries, portable lighting peripherals and other accessories as well as their assistants to take any possible shots.

Check the qualification of the photographer

Once you are able to narrow down your list of photographers who has the best package you are looking for, you should now check their qualifications. They might have one of the best packages with everything covered within your budget, but do they have what it takes to get the best shots during your wedding? Here is a small checklist of what to look for:

  • Are they in the business for a long time or at least a year?
  • How many weddings have they been hired to?
  • Do they have any testimonial or previous shots from previous customers?
  • Are they affiliated with other professional photography organisations?
  • Which venues were they hired to take photos from?

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Get to know the photographer

You should now have a narrower list of photographers. What you will want to know is their style. Each photographer has a unique way in taking a shot and they should be a match to what you want. This is also important as your photographer may have a different interpretation of what type of shots they take which may conflict with the style you prefer. Check with them if they are able to accommodate the style you want for your wedding, which includes not only the shots taken but the album and the frames chosen as well.

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Finalising everything

Once you have chosen the right photographer for your wedding, set a time by going through how the wedding will proceed. You can coordinate with them as to which important shots you will want taken and where during the proceedings.

Take the time in carefully choosing the best wedding photographer and considering their skills, qualification and style.