How to compose shots with vanishing points

If you’re looking for a way to compose an interesting photograph, one option is to compose a shot that will use lines to form a vanishing point. Two parallel straight lines, such as the sides or a road, give the appearance of vanishing at a point of infinite distance. These types of vanishing points can be creating by any number of subjects, but often times it is roads, tunnels, bridges, or lines that are found in nature. Lines, patterns, and angles when composed properly can result in intriguing photos that draw the viewer in and direct attention.

This type of approach is one that you can use in your own photography quite often. By looking for parallel lines in things like buildings, roads, and other objects you can make use of vanishing points and perspective to create intriguing compositions.

Here you’ll find 10 excellent examples from various photographers that demonstrate how to compose shots with vanishing points. You can use these examples as inspiration for your own photography and start to make more of an effort to apply these principles.


Photo by Jens Auer

Off topic...

Photo by Thomas Leuthard


Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Milan Train Station at Midnight

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Stuck in Customs in Space

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

bridging knowledge to health

Photo by Paul Bica

Vanishing point

Photo by Inaki Bolumburu

Vanishing Storm

Photo by David Kingham

Vanishing point

Photo by Andy Simonds

Joy of First Rain

Photo by Yogendra Joshi