Contemporary Wedding Photography – Everlasting Timeless Moments

Wedding photography by Carlo Carletti

Carlo Carletti is a Professional Wedding Photographer based in Tuscany Italy. He has won the prestigious WPJA award twice in 2006 and 2009. Carlo operates in Italy and internationally as a VIP Wedding Photographer.

The excitement, joy and fun of a wedding are a flow of events as the wedding preparations start, slowly gain speed and develop into a fun for all party.

Photography by Carlo Carletti

Portrait photography is a thing of the past, weddings have become small happenings and wedding photography is without doubt one of the most expressive and intense kinds of storytelling of our days.

wedding photography

Photography by Carlo Carletti

The Devil is in the Details

Contemporary and informal wedding photography frees energy and imagination. The event is a unique story: capturing key moments of fun or romance is the ultimate challenge.

Photography by Carlo Carletti

Photographers can detect the signals of body language. People can see how we feel much more accurately than how we describe our emotions. Our non-verbal body language expressions account for most the way we communicate with the world around us.

Photography by Carlo Carletti

In our ever day life, we are constantly communicating by the way we dress, the way we move, our facial expressions and body tension, eye contact and tone of voice, the amount of physical space we decide to leave between ourselves and others, and with our hands and body movements.

Photography by Carlo Carletti

The secret to great wedding photography? Treat the event like the setting of a movie. Learn and understand the Guests. There will be the group of loud “fun makers” and the quiet people.

Disappear in the background and watch events unfold before your eyes and guide the camera…





  • “Wedding photography is without doubt one of the most expressive and intense kinds of storytelling of our days.” I completely agree.