Creative Ways To Get Sensationally Beautiful Landscape Photographs

 Landscape photographs

Landscape photography invariably happens to be winner in each and every survey about photography. In fact, landscape photography is not as easy as it appears because it is still about capturing nature in its zenith. This genre of photography is supposed to communicate the depth and space. Most of the time the picture appears to be one dimensional and it is totally flat, there are some techniques to capture the best and most enticing images.

Jean-Michel Leclercq: Nature &emdash; Quiet place

Creative Ways for Landscape Photography

Following are some of the most creative ways you can use to get an interesting and delectable landscape photo.

  • Maximizing your Depth of Field

When it comes to landscape photography, it is not wise at all to experiment with narrow depth for fields. You need to focus on every scene as much as possible and one of the best ways to accomplish that is by using small aperture settings. Small aperture settings allow you to discover a greater depth of field in your pictures. However, the small aperture size means not much light is entering the image sensor but you can compensate for that by increasing the shutter speed of ISO.

  • Use Suitable Filters

The use of an appropriate filer also contributes a lot towards taking a really stunning landscape photograph. In this regard, filters like polarizing linear and circular filters that reduce light will simply eliminate the element of glare in the bright landscape. Therefore, if you need to get a sensational photo, a good filter will convert all the undefined and dull details into a high quality picture.

Jean-Michel Leclercq: Places &emdash; Silhouettes

  • Effective Use of Tripod

As discussed above, it is mandatory to have high shutter speeds and small aperture size. Therefore, you have to ensure that your camera does not move at all during exposure. You can easily achieve this without any hassle simple by using the tripod effectively. A tripod also enables you to achieve the slowdown in addition with getting a chance to examine your composition before capturing any scene.

  • Find the Best Focal Point

It is absolutely necessary to include a great focal point in all the photographs featuring landscapes. A landscape photo devoid of a good focal point will appear empty, dull and insipid and you will fail to grab the attention of the viewers. The focal point in a landscape photograph can take any shape such as a building, tree, silhouette or boulders.

Jean-Michel Leclercq: Nature &emdash; Here comes the sun

  • Consider the Foreground

You need to consider the factor of foreground in your photos to make them more creative and appealing to spectators. You need to master the art of including a catchy and right point of interest found in any scene in your shots. By adding a sensational interest point, you can give an edge to your photographs in order to catch the eye of viewers.

  • Look For the Sky

Most of the landscapes portray sky in them. The key is to display the sky at the appropriate place in these photographs. For instance, if the sky is looking boring and dull to you; it is always wiser to place it in the upper third of all your photographs taken on that particular day. This technique will greatly help you to eliminate the drowsiness and dullness of the sky in your photographs. On the other hand, if the sky seems bright and colorful, there is no wrong in putting the horizon bit lower in the photograph.

  • Work according to weather

Timing plays an important role in the success of any landscape photograph. Furthermore, also take the picture according to the weather as it can change the entire scenario within no time. In this regard a sunny or rainy day can be good for taking pictures or vice versa. Every picture has its own requirements and therefore you need to keep factors like mist, cloud, storms, sunrises and sets before taking the final shot.

Jean-Michel Leclercq: Nature &emdash; Tropical


Taking a stunning and high quality landscape photograph is not an easy task to accomplish. However, trying above tips with an artist’s eye and creative instincts will help you to take some great photos.