Delicious food macro photography

Delicious food macro photography shots

Macro photography is created by magnifying the size of the image that is displayed on the image surface inside the camera so that it is larger than the size of the image being photographed. It can be very challenging to get this ratio correct but can also be extremely rewarding.

One problem faced by using a macro lens is that the amount of light let in decreases, which means you have to compensate by altering the shutter speed, lens aperture and/or lighting. Using this effect within food photography can result in mouth-watering images that look good enough to eat.

Using a macro lens focuses on elements of the object that wouldn’t usually be seen such as the pips in fruit. There are a number of effects that can be used to enhance macro photos including the use of steam, water and oil to make the food look extra tempting.

Here, I have showcased some of the best uses of macro photography to produce delicious looking food.

 food macro photography
By superstar654jj

Sweet peas / Piselli
By ciokkolata_is_ashamed_of_silvio_burlesquoni

Orange half.;
By Elliot Norwood

Giant Macro Jimmies!!!
By Pink Sherbet Photography

Strawberrys Close up
By Andrew Hounslea

Pan Seared Tuna 8-4-09 -- IMG_4347
By stevendepolo

Farm fresh...

By pianogram

By Daniel*1977

Pumpkin Cheesecake 2/2
By Sabrina Pierantozzi

021 - Star Anise
By LianneOnline

Whipped Cream Hot Chocolate Food Macro November 08, 20101
By stevendepolo

Day 61 - Green Power !!
By LMPither

By Roxanne Milward