Easy Steps To Make Your Restaurant’s Food Look As Good As It Tastes!

Restaurant food photography

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Whether you’re looking to create a new menu for your restaurant or get 50 likes on Instagram, you want to make your dish look as mouth-watering and delicious as possible. It’s no secret that most photos of food end up turning out less-than-appetizing on your iPhone’s screen, so continue reading for some savory tips that you can start using today.

Fabricating Perfection

Over the last couple years, many leading brands in fast food have come under scrutiny for their promotional and advertised images. Even a leader like McDonald’s has decided to take a more transparent ground over this topic and has opened up to the public to show their processes as they handcraft each ingredient for their photo shoot. These top companies have been and still are fabricating their food to show as perfect as possible.

restaurant food photography

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Here are some pro tips you can start working on to dress up your own dishes:

  • Fresh Shine – Food sprayed with water or vegetable oil gives the illusion of moisture and freshens up many dishes
  • Undercooking Food – This holds in the moisture, only cook long enough for the dish to not appear raw
  • Shaving Cream – Used to touch up desserts to substitute for whipped cream for its ease of shaping and more appealing look
  • Cooking Double – Whenever possible, prepare multiple dishes so you can choose the best of your batch


restaurant food photography

Photo By C.Mariani

restaurant food photography

Photo By C.Mariani

Artists Touch

Once you prepare your dish to look as mouth-watering as possible, move onto the next important step: taking the picture. To create the most exquisite- looking photograph, it’s important to understand a few basics for indoor photography. Here are some easy reminders to focus on when setting up your scene:

Lighting: Try to use and work with as much natural light as possible. This can be very rewarding and give a realistic appearance to your food. Doors and windows can be your best friend when shooting indoors and working with natural light.

White Balance: Depending on your camera choices, you might not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the white balance. For mobile phones, look for camera apps that have adjustment for different conditions. Try testing out multiple settings and see which looks best. Some might produce unflattering yellow or bluish tints, making the food look completely different than it does in front of you.

Backgrounds: Ideally, very simple backgrounds and colors will help emphasize the importance of the dish. Many times you will see items displayed at fast-food restaurants with only a white or monotone background. Also remember to remove any extra clutter within your shot. If you don’t need napkins, condiments or utensils in the shot, remove them from sight.

Hopefully some of these ideas can help unleash your creativity and squeeze the most out of your photos for whatever use you may need. If you have any other tricks or tips, please share them in the comments below.

restaurant food photography

Photo By Ramona R***