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Goran Pavletic

I am a filmmaker and a photographer. I was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia, where I graduated at Film School.

In my artistic work, I prefer a documentary style. As a photographer I’m most attracted to people on the street in everyday situations where I’m in a seemingly ordinary trying to spot unusual. I love black and white photography, and cartier-bresson aesthetics.

Most of my photographs aries through walks in the Zagreb city, and I plan to go visit other cities soon. Besides the street photography, in the future I want to make a documentary of some great street photographers to which I connect via social networks.

I think that it is for artistic photographers the most important to have good intuition and talent for spotting things. A lot of photographers around the world are an excellent mastered the technique of photography, but unfortunatelly if you do not have in yourself talent for spotting world around you it’s hard to jump out of the crowd.

This year I’ve made transition from DSLR to Fuji XT-1 and it’s make easyer my life in movements through the streets.


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