Grow Your Portfolio With Beautiful & Photogenic Photos in Arizona

From picturesque painted plateaus and mesmerizing cavernous canyons, the southwestern state of Arizona is a beautiful must-see state for any professional or recreational photographer.

Photos in Arizona

Havasu Falls

Plunging white water surrounded by deeply contoured rock formations of the Grand Canyon make Havasu Falls a stunning locale for the photographer who wants to capture a striking color palette. Set atop a 120-foot vertical drop, the main chute splashes straight down into a large natural pool. The high mineral concentration of the water delivers a vivid blue-green color that becomes serene and tranquil. The mineral concentration also cuts deep impressions into the surrounding stone to naturally sculpt the area into a glorious sight to see.

Photo by Bill Stanley via Flickr


Nestled in the northern Verde Valley of Arizona, Sedona is adored by tourists and locals because of its striking and unique color. The Red Rocks of Sedona glow as the sun rises or sets behind them. The combination of monoliths, spires and majestic buttes will leave you breathless as you shoot the panoramic scene from one of the many elevated vantage points. Native labels like Coffeepot Rock and Rabbits Ear inspire the imagination. Man-made art and architecture also can’t go unnoticed. Check out the Chapel of the Holy Cross that rises 250 feet from one of the crimson cliffs to create an epic marriage between art and nature.

photos in arizona

Photo by Kenneth Hagemeyer via Flickr

Antelope Canyon

Arizona is home to a number of stately canyons, and one of the most gorgeous canyons sits on Navajo land close to Page, Ariz. Antelope Canyon features rock slots that focus light in such a way that it becomes artistic expression streaming through earthy colored stone. The Upper Antelope Canyon crests 4,000 feet above the earth. The rust rock forms inspirational arches and deep gullies. In the mist of all this color and texture exist breaks in the stone ceiling where light dances through one beam at a time. Capturing light beams by the eye of a camera creates breathtaking images. The beams hit the canyon brightest in the summer months. During winter, you can photograph a muted fusion of illumination that rebounds off the canyon walls to create a surreal effect.

Desert Botanical Garden

Move beyond the canyon and waterfalls of Arizona to experience the Desert Botanical Garden — a keystone of Phoenix that houses more than 139 species of rare plant life. Artistic formations, such as cristate saguaro cactus, appear as nothing short of a botanical sculpture. Walking through the Desert Botanical Garden is an adventure of shapes, color and serene environments. One shot can feature towers of purple flowers protruding out of a prickly cactus canvas. Your next shot is a symphony of shapes carved in a lush green field. Enhance your portfolio with scenic trails, mixed media exhibits and rich, exotic vegetation.

Photo by Steven Groves via Flickr

According to one of the top photography colleges, “a portfolio of powerful and conceptually driven imagery” supports students and growing photographers to become leaders in the specialization of travel and nature photography. Explore the desert landscapes of Arizona and discover photogenic southwestern hotspots that will inspire and grow your professional portfolio.