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Are you interested in writing for the photography blog ? We are always happy to publish articles on any subject and length that pertain to the field of photography. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a serious amateur, readers would love to read what you have to say !

So go ahead and share your photography insight and interests with the world !

You will receive full credit and attribution for every article in the author box, a link to your website or gallery, and worldwide exposure for your work/talents 😉

We also have a redactor team and accept sponsored post !

If you not have the time to write your guest post or if you want we publish a sponsored post  contact our team of writer.

Here is some information about writing a guest post.

We need some information about you (a short bio) to publish on the author-box at the end of the post… and if you want your social media accounts. Take a look at any post on the blog, you’ll see the author frame at the bottom of it.

The content of the post is in HTML format, and if you want to publish some photographs (max 10), you should embed them, I will not record them on my blog (easy on flickr to grab the HTML code).

Criteria for posting.

We have very strict criteria before accepting any post :

  • Allow guest posting only from people who have a verified Google+ profile
  • Don’t allow text links within the body of the article
  • Don’t allow keyword stuffed links in the author bio
  • Guest posts should be over 1200 words
  • Allow guest posts from authors who have strong social media profiles

Some guest posts published here

Send us all the content by email at : contact(at) or complete the form below

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