How To Get The Best Out Of A Theme Photo Shoot For A Baby

Have you been asked to do a thematic photo shoot for a little baby, but you’re not very sure of how to make it a success? Are the parents of the child solely relying on you for great ideas? Well, you can get this problem sorted by following some easy tips.

Paula con 5 meses

Photo by Raúl A

Get the parents involved

When the parents ask you to do a photo shoot for their child, they usually have some expectations in mind. Some parents are okay with regular pictures of their child, which they can just store as a memory of the child at that age. However, other parents are more conscious of the aesthetic value of the photographs, and want the output to be something really creative and artistic. So work with the parents and try to understand what they want. Narrow down on a theme that they find best for their child. Brainstorm over what all techniques you can use on that theme, and see how the parents react.

Get a lot of props

The best way to make any thematic photo shoot interesting is by using a lot of props. These are good not only to add aesthetic value to your compositions, but they also keep the baby busy for you to capture the right expressions. Sitting idle in front of a camera, kids can be restless. Since they hate to pose, they can crib and cry, and can often be very disinterested. However, props keep them busy and occupied, and the photographer can then get some unique expressions of the child.

Shoot a lot!

With kids, you must always shoot as much as you can. Keep clicking from various angles, trying various permutations and combinations. Keep changing levels and magnifications, and you never know which shots might just come out to be great. Plus, that will give more options to the parents as well to choose the best pictures from.

Do a mix of indoor and outdoor

It’s ideal to do a mix of indoor and outdoor setups for the shoot, so that the child doesn’t feel claustrophobic in one surrounding. Moreover, you get more variety in your shots that way. You should try and get family shots in various permutations and combinations, along with solo shots in both the settings.

Take extensive gear

Take a nice set of lenses to compliment your camera. Ideally, you should have a prime lens for your portrait shots, a standard lens for basic shots, along with a variable wide to tele lens for other kinds of experimental shots. Try and take fast lenses, because the movements with babies are pretty quick, and you don’t want to miss them only because of having slow lenses.

Discuss with the parents about how many costume changes they’d like for the child, and get some special element added for sure. For instance, they can get costumes of the child’s favorite cartoons, or the child’s first rattle, or the child’s first toy etc., which helps to add more memorable value to the pictures.