Piano photography : How to make a piano photogenic ?

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Piano Photography

The piano is a musical instrument played mainly by means of a keyboard. It is one of the most popularinstruments in the world. Widely used in classical and jazz music for solo performances, ensemble use, chamber music and accompaniment, the piano is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano’s versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world’s most familiar musical instruments.

The word piano is a shortened form of pianoforte (PF), the Italian word for the instrument (which in turn derives from the previous terms gravicembalo col piano e forte and fortepiano). The musical terms piano and forte mean “quiet” and “loud”, respectively, and in this context refers to variations in loudness the instrument produces in response to apianist’s touch on the keys: the greater the velocity of a key press, the greater the force of the hammer hitting the string(s), and the louder the note produced.

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piano photography
By kktp_

piano photography
By ViaMoi

By geeo123

Never Never Never
By Marius G.Mihalache

The Rain's Prelude
By Felipe Morin

Amazing Piano-keh - HBW!
By raisinsawdust

By The Real Darren Stone

By me5otron

Old forgotten Piano
By dpinkston

Warped Piano
By Josh Sommers