How to start a sports photos memorabilia collection

Sport is all your life? You always wanted to have anything linked to your idols? So why not start a sports memorabilia collection?


First, you need to be careful because there are a lot of fake items on the internet, so make sure the site is a serious one and that the objects are certified. You have to be patient if you want a great collection. Indeed, it’s better to compare the prices because you can find the same item at a lower price. But if it too low or seems too unrealitic, be wary and look in others sites.

Select one type of item you want to collect or one sport you’re interest in not to going in any direction. It can be photographies or balls signed by all the players of a team or cards or anything else. The goal is to fix you an objectif in order to take one direction and pursue it until you finish it. Only after, you’ll be able to have another objectif more difficult. Of course, to start, don’t try something which seems too hard to do because you risk to give up quickly.

Bob Bondurant James Coburn 1972

Then, make a list of all you want and fix a price for all of them if you know more or less its value. If your budget is small, you can’t spend all your money in this. If you want, you can also divide up the buying of your items on one year for example and fix your objectif more clearly.

Jack Lambert and Greg Pruitt

But, if you want something more memorial, you can also collect the photographies as they are. It can be photos that you took so you will not spend a lot of money or photographies that you buy. Of course, you can’t take a photo of a match that had already be played or of a sport personality who is dead. Even so, buying photographies of someone else and go on with your own photos can be enriching.

WA Redskins 1938 small

Finally, you can achieve your project framing your items and especially your photos. 



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