Insider Tips For Visiting Los Angeles

The Los Angeles area offers gorgeous beaches, a mild climate, numerous museums, parks, restaurants and, of course, Hollywood. If you are one of many people planning a trip to L.A., you probably have some idea of what you want to see and do there. However, there are some things you need to know before you go. Follow these tips for a safer and more enjoyable stay.

Visiting Los Angeles

General Important Tips

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and freeway traffic is dense. Before you visit, you should plan your itinerary well in order to save time and money. Travel in the L.A. area can eat up a lot of time. By knowing the location you most want to visit, such as Hollywood or a beach, you can more wisely choose your hotel location and plan nearby activities.

the other side of Hollywood

The other side of Hollywood By Andy Kennelly

Unless you are going to stay for a month or longer, know that you will not be able to see all of the interesting sights there is to see. It is best to choose one or two points of interest that are close to each other, such as Hollywood and Universal Studios, and center your trip on those.

Study a map before you go, and bring one with you. Your trip will be more interesting and enjoyable when you know where you are in relation to all of the famous sites.

The Airports

When traveling to Los Angeles, many people fly into Los Angeles International Airport, LAX. This airport is close to many nice beaches, such as Manhattan, Redondo, Venice, Hermosa, Santa Monica and Marina Del Ray. If you are planning to visit the beaches or you want to visit downtown Los Angeles, you should fly into this main airport.

In certain cases, you should consider the Burbank airport, instead. It is true that you can get from LAX to just about anywhere in the area by renting a car, taking a cab, taking a shuttle or using public transportation. However, if visits to Hollywood, or to studios such as Warner Brothers and Universal are a main part of your itinerary, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank will bring you much closer to these sites. Flying into Burbank typically costs a little more than flying into LAX, but savings in ground transportation can offset this cost. Most hotels near the airport provide complimentary airport shuttle service.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles By Menetnashté

Airport Transportation

After you arrive at either LAX or Burbank, you have several options for ground transportation. If you are brave enough to handle L.A. traffic, you can rent a car. If your hotel is in the area, it may provide a free shuttle to and from the airport. Alternatively, several shuttle services will take you where you need to go for a set fee. The fees are cheaper than what you would pay for a cab because these shuttles are ride-share. This means you share the shuttle with other passengers who are going in the same general direction.

Another option is public transportation. From LAX, you can take the Flyaway bus to Union Station. There you can use the rail service to get you to places around Los Angeles.

in the twilight zone

In the twilight zone By Andy Kennelly

Finding the Best Hotels

Choose your hotel well. Every city has dodgy locations, but in large places like L.A., the dodgy hotels in bad neighborhoods can be downright dangerous. Spend the extra cash to book good lodgings. Aim for 31/2 to 4 star hotels and check reviews online. If you are on a budget, check out discount travel sites for great hotel savings on upscale hotels.

Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk and concierge questions about the area. Most are happy to help hotel guests. Check with the concierge desk about tickets and transportation to sites such as Universal studios or Hollywood tours.

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