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John Meehan

John Meehan is a photographer based in Liverpool (UK). Specialising in street/travel/ portrait photography he is particularly known for his work from SE Asia. John is the founder and co-ordinator of f50 Collective ( You can see more of John’s work at his web site and follow him on Twitter @JohnMeehan61.


An Indian train journey

I have told the story of my recent truncated trip to India elsewhere (see). Presented here are a selection of photographs made on an excursion to Jaisalmer on the Pakistan/India border during that trip.

In late June 2015, I travelled the 770km from New Delhi to Jaisalmer on the appropriately named New Delhi-Jaisalmer Express. With a mere 36 stops along the way, we knew our 19 hour journey was going to be an adventure. We weren’t disappointed!

Our destination, Jaisalmer, is known as “the Golden City” and was founded in 1156 AD. It is located in the “Desert State” of Rajasthan in the north west of India.  Consequently, the terrain we covered was dry and stony for the most part and not attractive at all.

What made the journey so much fun was the people we met along the way. Talkative, warm, inquisitive, and prone to laughing the Indian people left a strong impression on us. They were more than happy to be photographed which was a bonus.

These images were taken as I hopped on and off the train at the frequent stops or from the moving train as we passed locals living along the tracks. ‘Gun and run’ isn’t my natural way of working but it was really great fun and necessary in the circumstances.


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