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My name is Joss, I am 43 years old and I live in Paris. Early, I was inspired by humanist photographers of the 20th century and the black and white street photography. I started photography in 1988, with a Minolta Dynax 5xi film camera.

First of all, I like to photograph people in the street, outside, with a human approach. I always work with my feelings, waiting for the decisive moment. For me photography means to transmit emotions and a testimony through the ages.

I take most of my pictures with both my Nikon D7000 DSRL and a Fujifilm X20 compact expert now. Even if I am a street photographer first, I also like urban, infrared, long exposure and portrait photography. But my goal is always the same, to stop the time, to capture and to transmit emotions. There is one thing that always comes to my mind when I take a photo: to take a photo is to love people, life and earth !

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Annapurna's child

The tramp & the pigeons

Look : "three" !

I see YOU !

The ghost foot in Notre-Dame

Fish´ "Manhattan Bridge" Eye

Vietnamese Students

Wonder of childrens

Long Exposure on the rocks

Student at school