KickStarter campaign iPhone photography cards

What would good friends do if you asked them to help you improve your iPhone photography skills?


They would give you good, helpful and often unexpected tips. If there is no one you can ask, backe for the iPhone photography cards on kickstarter! Because that’s exactly what this deck of cards will also do. It’s your photography friend, right in your pocket! The deck will challenge you with more than 40 tasks and help you find new exciting ways to make stunning photos with your iPhone. The tasks focus on seeking, identifying and arranging subjects on the small screen. We have a broad range of tasks that are just waiting to be solved by you. All are accessible for beginners, but interesting for advanced photographers as well! You can expect some real challenges!

However, really good friends do more!


They give you both advice and direction! And that’s what the additional 10 knowledge cards in the deck will do. These cards will help you open your eyes and take a closer look at photography – to understand visual concepts. The knowledge cards provide information on the fundamental basics of photographic composition.

And that works?

Yes, and you will love it! The concept is to combine both types of cards to obtain one photography challenge – out of 400 possible combinations!

The well-known iPhone Photographer Jack Hollingsworth and the Founder of the “bigger picture concept”, the German graphic designer Kilian Kunz started a kickstarter for a deck of cards that will include learning exercises from various fields of photography – especially for your iPhoneography. The two men say that completing the tasks will help iPhone shooters to take better, more interesting photos more quickly:

“The cards will be a great everyday exercise tool, helping you learn how to take amazing photos on the go. Choose different approaches and perspectives to complete the tasks. But above all, be open to experimenting and having fun. Challenge yourself and become a better iPhone photographer day by day.” (Jack Hollingsworth)

How did it all begin?


It is an unusual but cute story how this Kickstarter was born:

“On a cold January evening in Germany, shortly after New Year’s, I got an email with the heading: “Let’s collaborate”. It was followed by a few more lines: “Hi, I’m Jack. Saw your Bigger Pictures Cards .. they look really cool .. I’m writing on iPhone Photography and was thinking we should collaborate on a series on iPhone photography cards.”

I did not know Jack from Texas, but I thought the idea was sexy and his direct personal approach convinced me. So I replied: “Sure!” I did not have any expectations at first, but then the ball got rolling and a few emails later the idea was born: Let’s kickstart.

We developed our project without really knowing each other personally. Our common goal was so strong that it wiped out any concerns. Something like this would have been unthinkable 10 years ago! Two strangers putting together a project off the ground and presenting it to the world. Thanks to kickstarter!

Through the project we got to know each other better. That’s great. And if our crowdfunding succeeds, we may meet in person. I hope so.” Kilian

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