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kris esku

My real name is Cristina Dascalescu and I am from Romania.
I discovered photography by chance and then I approached it at first more like playing.
I wanted to escape reality just as child, and for that I needed a toy, but my camera was not enough.

At first, the tablet was my toy; with it I tested the most unusual applications. It was like a drug. I have become addicted to image and color. A whole world exploded in my head. I was dreaming with my eyes opened.

My fascination about the mystery and beauty of life is revealed in a few main themes: the purity of childhood and the work of creation – act of self-knowledge – from a photographic point of view. The child is still my favorite inspiration, my main topic, a world full of innocence and freshness. The vigorous mind of a child is infinitely more imaginative and creative than an adult’s mind, open and free, inexhaustible in his/her fabulous dreams.

My work makes sense as far as I can keep alive my inner-child and I get close to people giving a little beauty.




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