Lensbaby photography

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LensBaby photography

Lensbaby is a line of camera lenses for SLR cameras that combine a simple lens with a bellows or ball and socket mechanism for use in special-effect photography. A lensbaby can give effects normally associated with view cameras. The lenses are popular with photographers for the creative possibilities of the selective focus and bokeh effects. Lensbabys can be used on cameras that accept interchangeable lenses, mainly of the 35 mm film SLR or digital SLR formats. The focal length of the Lensbaby is approximately 50 mm, making it a normal lens in 35 mm format. Lensbabys have no electronic components, disabling auto-focus when mounted on modern cameras. The use of auto-focus is further undermined by the spherical aberration in the lens. In most cases Lensbabys require aperture priority or fully manual mode. The Lensbaby can also be used for infrared photography, but don’t include an index mark for infrared photography.(Wikipedia)

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