How To Make Child Photography Special And Memorable

Child photography is no doubt a difficult task to accomplish. Children who are getting their pictures taken would rather love to play outside and rather care less for what you are doing. Sometimes it is terribly hard to convince a child to that you need to take a particular picture. In simple words, child photography is an art that forces you to be quick with your camera and play some sort of psychological games to keep children happy.


Tips for Better Child Photography

Following lines contain some information that you might find beneficial while taking photos of children.

  • Re-Think your Equipment

Generally, a tripod will be the last think you would want while shooting kids because they are not going to stay stationery for very long time. Most of the children like to run and jump and are very fast at them and therefore tripod will become useless. On the other hand, you need to keep shutter speed as fast as possible to capture the moving kids. Always check your equipment (batteries, setting lenses etc.) beforehand so that you do not miss any important moment and kids’ attention.


  • Choose a Great Location

You need to choose the location depending upon the type of photographs you are going to take. However, it is always a better bet to go to any park, farm or playground if possible for the session. Such settings will make a child much more flexible than anything indoors. Outdoor environment will not only make children more comfortable but photographs will be more pleasing and attractive. All you need to do is to follow them while they are playing and moving around to get some stunning natural shots.

  • Get the Child Involved

It is extremely helpful to get child involved in the session somehow. It will assist you to make them feel more important and less bored. What you can do is to take something prominent from the surroundings and get them interested in it. Furthermore, you can let them ask questions or even take a picture or two. The possibilities are endless until you are little creative and being a photographer, it should not be a difficult task for you.


  • Sweet Close Ups

If you are in good terms with the kid you are shooting, it will not be difficult for you to take some great close up shots. The close up shots if taken properly can turn out to be extremely exciting and can explain the feelings of the child in most effective manner.

  • Shot at Eye Level

Just like close ups, it is a sensational idea to take some eye level shots. Again, you need to have very good relationship with the kid as well. You can create a very intimate moment while shooting at eye level, a moment “worth a thousand words” that further deserves its place in photos on canvas that you can display on your home walls.

  • Don’t Lose Patience

Whether you are a professional photographer, mom or dad, you need to develop patience in you and you should have lots of it while photographing children. Kids will take time to accustom to settings and you will have to give them that time to make your child photography session successful.

  • Always be Fast and Ready

Kids are constantly on the move and they are fast. You will never know where they will be after a moment or two. Along with developing patience, you also need to be fast and remain ready all the time. You should be prepared to press the shutter constantly. In simple words, you need to have as many photographs as possible while photographing children and even those will not be enough.


Whether you are a professional photographer or mom or dad, abovementioned tips will definitely help you to take great shots when you decide to photography kids next time.