Mistletoe Memories: Scrapbooking Your Holiday Photos

The holidays are a special time, filled with magical moments played out amid twinkling lights and set to a soundtrack of festive tunes. They are also a hectic whirlwind of activity requiring a great deal of hard work. This holiday season, perhaps you were too busy wrapping presents to notice your kids gazing in wonder at the lit tree. Maybe, while you were basting the turkey, you missed the family football game. You were probably too busy making sure all the lights were working and the dog wasn’t eating the ornaments to take in the dazzling display of decorations. During the busy holiday season, it’s impossible to soak in all the wonder, especially if you are the one creating the magic. Creating a scrapbook of holiday photos allows you to relive the beauty of the holiday season again and again.

Select Your Photos

You may have snapped hundreds of shots during the holidays, but not all of them will make the cut into your scrapbook. As you select photos, look beyond composition, white balance and perfect lighting. Instead, look for photos that tell a story. Start by setting the stage with shots of your holiday décor. Select a few shots that encompass the entire scene, and several close-ups of your favorite decorations such as individual ornaments, Christmas flower arrangements and festive place settings. Move on to photos of the holiday preparations such as wrapping presents, decorating cookies and trimming the tree. Allocate the majority of your scrapbook to photos of family members and friends enjoying holiday festivities and then include a few shots of the aftermath, such as the piles of discarded wrapping paper and packing away the decorations.

Photo by ChooseKristen via Flickr

Pair Photos with Words

Beautiful photos evoke powerful emotions, but sometimes we also need words to help recall the details. After the holidays, take a few moments to jot down the most poignant memories before they fade and record them on holiday themed journaling cards from Two Peas In A Bucket. But, don’t rely solely on your own words to tell the story of your family’s holidays. Remember the feast by printing your recipes on decorative recipe cards from Microsoft. Save your little one’s hand written wish list for Santa and include it in your scrapbook so that you never forget the cute misspellings and the over-the-top requests. Also, make a list of questions, and then interview your kids about their favorite parts of the season. Jot their answers into your journaling.

Photo by cardinalskate via Flickr

Stay Simple

After weeks of hunting through crowded malls for the perfect gifts, racing to dozens of parties and events and begging gingerbread houses to stick together, the last thing you need is a complicated, and time-consuming craft project. To easily create a simple scrapbook, pick up the Holiday Project Life Kit from Becky Higgins for under $15 at Amazon. The coordinated decorative elements, title cards and journaling cards slip easily into pocketed pages so that all you need to do is add photos. For an even less crafty option, upload your photos to Shutterfly and select one of their holiday-themed photo books. There are plenty of layouts and designs to create a sleek and professional looking scrapbook, without all the cutting and pasting.

Photo by ChooseKristen via Flickr