Muriel Debernard Photography

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I am Muriel Debernard. I live and work in France. I have made my first experience in art school where I learnt silver picture and story of photography. During this period my camera was a Nikon F301.
I do not have any subject that I prefer. I am interesting in all kind of pictures (urban, landscape, people). I try to be more than an observer being invested in what I photograph. My work is instinctive. In one picture, I try to give a feeling, the beauty of a situation, a mood. The light inspires me; it is the triggering factor in most of my pictures that I have taken.
The composition is another key factors to strengthen my point of view. I use equally the colour or the black and white; it depends on the meaning of what it gives to the pictures.
For me taking pictures is learning to look around himself. The moment makes the picture; we are just a witness of what happened. Taking a picture is just maybe the act of giving.



1-Day of rain

2-The man who walks

3-In the light

The soul of the shadows

5-Morning forest

walking in the forest