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Mutlu Gunenc

I am a story teller.  I am a dream interpreter. I am a clown in the circus of the dreams.  My photographs are my words for my emotions.  I don’t know the other language to translate how I feel.  I am an observer.  Observe to nature, observe the cities, observe to people.  I love to breath with the same pace with nature, live the seconds with cities and write underline words for the people when they talk.  For me, each photo I take is a part of the story I would like to tell to people, which we find the same ground to share feelings.  I know that my photos can explain lots of things where the words are unnecessary. For me photography is the way to connect to people, to cities and a love letter to nature…
My works has been appeared in Lonely Planet, various photography magazines in UK, Turkey and each time I realized that I need to know more. Because at the end of the day, when I press the shutter button, I know that I freeze the time in that moment, so it should be better good.

as I said, I am a story teller, to tell stories about people, cities and nature…



Hong Kong 2014-City Lights

Night Alone Barcelona



Hong Kong 2014-just another night
Life of Bedouins Study 4
skies-study 2