Nikon Coolpix aw100 digital camera reviews

aw100 digital cameraNikon Coolpix aw100 Digital camera reviews

The camera has a comparable seem and feel to those rugged cameras released by Panasonic and Olympus, such as the Tough Lumix DMC-FT3and TG-610.

The nikon coolpix AW100 is lighter than both of them but retain a very solid intend. On the rear of the camera is a 3 inch LCD monitor with 460,000 dots which has Nikon’s Clear Color Display knowledge that minimizes reflection whether submerged or in bright daylight.

Nikon coolpix aw100 reviews : The buttons are typical for a compact camera, with buttons for video recording and selection of scene mode, but on the differing side to the battery area is a button which switches to the World map and exploit Control.

If you set in activity Action Control in the camera menus you purely need to depress it and a menu comes up on the screen. You basically brush the camera up and down to go through the menu and press the Action Control button again to make your option.

Options existing are mode selection, start movie recording, and playback. This makes it easier to function the camera even when submerged or wearing gloves. The buttons are easy to press although you do have to give the shutter release of really firm press which may add to camera shake when gunfire.


The camera menu are easy and clear to navigate and the camera is ready to take photos within a combine of seconds of switching on. Center speed is good, incessant shooting H allowed 3 frames at 5fps and continuous shooting L managed 1.3 fps throughout testing.

The battery has a CIPA rating of 250 shots which is good although constant use of the GPS will reduce it. The nikon coolpix aw100 continuous killing mode is also notable, and Nikon claims it can gun down 7.1 frames per second and can fire them off in three or eight shot bursts. Operation is simple and earlier than one would expect from a shoot and point, but far slower than a DSLR. The “BSS” constant option is exciting, and it stands for “Best Shot Selector.” When the board up button is held down in this mode, ten shots are fired off and the camera chooses the best one (the one with the most details).

More often than not, it actually works to my liking, though I’m watchful of having any camera or computer select my best shot. Nikon digital camera price is acording to camera and their specifications. It’s not all great news, however.



The EN-EL12 rechargeable lithium battery will deplete slowly as long as the camera is only being used as an uncomplicated point shoots. As soon as features like video, landscape, HDR and continuous shooting are introduced, the succession drains very quickly and with no much concern – and good luck finding a spot to accuse it on the stack top. In addition, the “Smart Portrait” face discovery mode is exasperating and too slow to be helpful.