Protecting Photos Posted Online from Theft

Protecting Photos Posted Online from Theft


With the increased popularity of social networking websites like Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus and Image sharing websites like Picasa, Flickr etc. It has become very common for photographers to post their digital images online.

But this has highly increased the risk of image theft and unauthorized use of their images. People may copy your image and use it claiming as their own on their websites without giving you credit for your work. I have seen many photographers complaining about the same on many forums and blogs. They needed to issue take down notice(DMCA) to get their image removed from the website which has put it up without proper permission, in many cases this was also not possible.

So you might be thinking what is the best way to protect your digital images. The best and time tested way to ensure that the copyright of your digital images is preserved is through visible watermarking.

A watermark is a Translucent Line of Text / Logo that is placed on your Images to represent the owner of the photograph it can be your name, your company name or your Logo. The watermark ensures that the ownership of your image is stated explicitly and by displaying your company/website logo or line of text with your name as watermark.

This discourages most photo theft. If you are a photographer who posts your images freely on the web, then the watermark can serve as a means of improving your popularity.

You can watermark Photos with Image editing Tools like Photoshop but But watermarking Images individually is a tiresome process. You need to set the layer properties and much do more to configure your watermark to meet the desired specifications, It can take a lot of time doing this individually for images. There are powerful and fully automated image watermarking software like Mass Watermark that can watermark 100s of images within minutes all you need to do is a few mouse clicks.