Putting the Spotlight on Your Photographic Skills

The photography field continues to grow steadily. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 13 percent growth of the photography field into 2020. Like all professionals in your field, you need a plan to get your work noticed. These tips will help you carve out your niche and give your skills visibility within the professional community around you.

Photographic skills

Create an Online Presence

Every photographer should have a website, as Improve Photography advises. A website is a way to display your work, talk about your business, and share your thoughts about the photography field. Like any other business, it serves as a way for you to connect with people. Customers come from those connections, as do referrals. To get noticed among all of the other gallery websites, you need to become engaged online and make a name for yourself.

Create a Photography Blog

Pick a focus and start a photo blog on your site. “Becoming a Wedding Photographer” and “Taking Photos of Pets” are a couple of blog examples. Write about a topic that gives something useful to the reader. Make them want to come back to your site to read more. The more you write about a topic, the more likely you will be seen as an expert in that area.

Invite guest bloggers to write on your site. They will often reciprocate and ask you to write for them. This expands your network, getting your name out to more people. Include samples of your work in these blog posts to give even more widespread visibility, as Expert Photography suggests.

While you’re writing online, tap into the various photography forums. Adding your opinion and advice to forums also boosts your reputation as someone who really knows the photography field. Forums that host “newbie” questions, such as Photo.net, are a good place to use your expertise to answer basic photography questions.

Build Your Social Media Network

Along with your blogging activities, use Facebook or Pinterest to give you some additional exposure. With social media, you can spend more time focused on the visual images rather than the text. Highlight some of your favorite photographs with a short blurb on why it is a favorite. These platforms also give you a way to hear from your followers. Solicit their input about your work and why they like it.

When working with social media, both good and bad messages can make their way out to thousands of people in no time. To make sure that you are putting out the right messages, use a service such as Reputation.com to help you track the social media activity. Make sure you are casting the right image as it relates to you and your business.

Collaborate with Local Merchants

Like your online blogging activity, you can engage local businesses to gain visibility. Approach bridal shops and offer to do an in-store Q&A session regarding wedding photography for future brides. Offer to give talks at camera supply stores on some technical aspect of photography such as lighting or color balance. Do a presentation on photographing toddlers at a local toy store. Make these talks interesting and educational, not full of advertising. However, don’t forget to take plenty of business cards and brochures with you.

Show Off Your Work

Look for opportunities to show your work. Local galleries, art stores and frame shops may offer wall space for local talent to show their work. Some coffee shops have rotating artist displays. Look for opportunities to get your photos out in front of people in public places. Shopping malls may have galleries. As you walk or drive through your city, look for the ways that art is being displayed to the public and tap into that for your work.