Riots in Greece : the best photos

2010–2012 Greek protests – Riots in Greece

The 2010–2012 Greek protests are a series of demonstrations and general strikes taking place across Greece. The protests, which began on 5 May 2010, were sparked by plans to cut public spending and raise taxes asausterity measures in exchange for a €110 billion bail-out, aimed at solving the 2010–2011 Greek debt crisis. Three people were killed in the 5 May protests, one of the largest in Greece since 1973. On 25 May 2011, anti-austerity protestors organized by the Direct Democracy Now! movement, known as theIndignant Citizens Movement, started demonstrating in major cities across Greece. This second wave of demonstrations proved different from the years before in that they are not partisan and began through peaceful means. Some of the protests later turned violent, particularly in the capital city of Athens. Sparked by the 2011 Spanish Protests, these demonstrations were organized entirely using social networking sites, which earned it the nickname "May of Facebook". The demonstrations and square sit-ins were officially ended when municipal police removed demonstrators from Thessaloniki's White Tower square on 7 August 2011. On 29 June 2011, violent clashes occurred between the riot police and protesters as the Greek parliament voted to accept the EU's austerity requirements. Accusations of police brutality were reported by international media such as the BBC, The Guardian, CNN iReport and the New York Times as well as Amnesty International. The Athens Prosecutor agreed to an investigation into accusations of excessive use of tear gas, as well as the alleged use of other expired and carcinogenic chemical substances. The investigation is currently under way.

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By  Andreas Tsam

Athens Greece Syntagma Square 28 29 June 2011_63
By  makisraf

By  Bamako Brad

Athens protest - May 12 (2)
By  mkhalili

Indignados - Αγανακτισμένοι
By  Timos L

By  Iason Hatzitheodorou

Athens riots: Greek general strike
By Yiannis Kourtoglou

Athens - Riot Police
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Greek Riots 5
By  alexandros_M

By Noumenorian