Robots for Photos – Get an invitation to the beta !

Upload photo once, publish it everywhere

New service for photographers makes sharing photos easier.
Do you like to share your photos on various online services? And what about uploading every single photo over and over again? I bet you’re not crazy about that, and neither is Tomas Hellebrand. Which is why he has come up with Robots for Photos, a new service for photographers that takes care of the boring tasks: uploads photos for you into various photo servers and online galleries (such as Flickr, Facebook, 500px).

With Robots for Photos you upload each photo just once and select where you want to publish it. Currently the 500px, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter are supported and many more services will be added later.

You may publish a photo with the service right away or you can schedule it to be published automatically at specific time. That comes handy as the time you’re at your computer might not be the best time to publish your photos as well.

The service is free but as it is currently in closed beta, you need an invitation code to be able to register to the service.

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