Six Great Apps For Travel Photography

Apps for travel photography

In general, we don’t associate the cameras on our phones with spectacular travel photography.

However, there are a couple of benefits to taking travel photos with your phone – the foremost of which is convenience. Unless you’re prepared in advance with your camera at the ready, your phone is often your most easily accessible device, and it’s often the first thing you reach for when a spontaneous scene presents itself.

Thankfully, there are a few handy apps that maximise your chances of turning out well-taken, high quality photos with your smartphone.  Here’s an overview of six of the best.

Slow Shutter Cam

apps for travel photography
As the name suggests, this simple app does one thing and one thing only – it slows down the shutter speed, which makes it excellent for capturing movement in your images, along with night scenes that contain various light trails.Of course, as with all slow shutter photography, you’ll need something to hold your iPhone steady – ideally a tripod, but at least somewhere to rest it. Without a steady platform, Slow Shutter Cam will blur the whole image, so a way of stabilising your camera is crucial.

Wood Camera

Wood Camera is one of the more useful apps for post-photo editing.

There are a variety of ‘lenses’ to choose from, each of which confers a certain style or tone to your photos. You can make texture changes, vary adjustable filters and perform frame editing.

Conveniently, Wood Camera also lets you edit photos in bulk, via it’s ‘lightbox’ feature – so for example, if you have several outdoor shots, you can give them the desired effect simultaneously, before easily sharing them on social networks.



iSynth is an exciting new photo app based on constructs three dimensional representations of commonly photographed scenes and landmarks.

It’s very much a social app, and is one of the first to make use of crowdsourcing via smartphones – users snap pictures of famous views, such as monuments or natural sights, and upload their photos. People create and share the three-dimensional ‘synths’ they’ve produced, and the communal sense of building something together is an enjoyable experience.


8mm Vintage Camera

If you like the idea of creating a vintage-looking travel video – perhaps of an old colonial town, a steam engine, or an ancient religious site on your journey – then 8mm Vintage Camera is the app for you.

It shoots videos with a fantastic 1930’s feel, and has a variety of lense options for graininess and colour. You can shoot movies with or without sound, and the app lets you apply the effect to existing videos.




Camera+ is something of a heavyweight among travel photography apps. You can think of it as your phone’s native camera on steroids. Timer and burst functions are easily accessible, and it has intuitive touch control for focus and exposure. It comes with several different scene modes and some automatic processing features for improved picture quality.

It also attaches information to your photos about where they were shot and what effects they underwent, and it easily lets you share your masterpieces in your social networks.



Diptic is a fun little app that lets you easily create collages of your photos on your phone.  It comes with several customisable collage templates, and allows you to create combinations of up to nine images.

You’ll find it fantastic for quickly and easily piecing together collections of holiday snaps, or pictures from a special event like a birthday or day out. You can post your creations to social networks, and if you connect it to your Facebook account, you can import your Facebook images to your phone to create collages.


Not Quite a DSLR
But your SmartPhone Can Hold Its Own

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that travel photography with a smartphone is viable. You’ll never take pictures to match those from a dedicated digital camera, but you can certainly take some serviceable snaps, and the apps for sharing and editing can make smartphone travel photography surprisingly appealing.