Some Easy And Effective Steps To Photograph Silhouettes

Silhouettes are one of the most sensational ways to convey mystery, emotion, drama and mood to your viewers. Furthermore, they almost every time standout in any album because of the simplicity they offer and the story they tell. Furthermore, they do not present everything clearly but leave something for the viewers to imagine and wonder about.

Tips to Take Great Silhouette Photographs 

Following lines contain some exceptional tips to take great photographs featuring silhouettes.



Choose a Strong Subject

Although you can convert anything into a silhouette but some things are definitely better than others. Therefore, you need to choose a recognizable and strong subject that is able to exude the interests of all those watching the photograph. The shape needs to be distinct because silhouettes can draw quite nicely on textures, colors and a plethora of subjects to make them enticing. Furthermore, a strong subject can become a perfect candidate for other purposes like converting them to large canvas printing for home décor.

Turn the Flash Off

The use of flash will just ruin the silhouette and the result will be a grotesque one. In fact, you only need as little light in front of the main subject as possible and therefore, you need to discard flash in order to protect your final image from getting distorted.

The Perfect Light

Light perhaps plays the most pivotal part while taking a silhouette photograph. As contrary to general rules of photography, most of the light should come from background of the subject rather from the front. In other words, it is the back of your subject that should be lit rather than front. In this regard, the best trick is to place your subject in front of sunshine or sunset to take stunning and natural photographs.

Frame the Image

Framing is also very important as it enables you to shot with your subject in the right plain but with perfect bright background. Usually, a cloudless sunny day is considered as best background for taking silhouette pictures. However, you need to frame the brightest part exactly behind the subject in order to completely hide it or put it in the distance somewhere.

Distinct and Uncluttered Shape

If there is more than one shape you are trying to blacken out, always keep them separate. For example, if you are photographing a tree or a person, do not make the person to stand in front of the tree or even lean at it as both of them will be merged into one shape creating confusions in the minds of your viewers. Furthermore, take shots of silhouette people as profiles rather than looking straight at them.

Partial Silhouettes

Although it is a sensational feeling to see a complete silhouette in the photograph with a nice, crisp and black subject yet it is a great idea to use partial silhouette leaving some details of your work in the dark. Sometimes it happens that a touch of light will make them more “real” and three dimensional. Furthermore, in case of partial silhouettes, you can print pictures on canvas to make them more enticing and beautiful.