Starting out again

Starting out again (a journey into photography)

Picking up a Single Lens Reflex after some considerable time (it’s a long and complicated story) has forced me to examine and come to terms with the essence of composure and controlling the camera so that the image is first of all technically accurate and also reflects what you were trying to capture. I’ve had to think about the depth of field, how to get my images a sharp as possible by weighing up the relationship between sensor sensitivity, aperture and shutter speed. The learning curve is immense and I’m in awe of experienced photographers who can compute and assess all this in addition to taking account of light quality and direction as second nature. Professionals who I have had the privilege to have access to imply that taking pictures of anything and every day is the only way to hone these skills.

So here are seven of my starting out pictures, (the camera goes everywhere, and no one is safe!).

starting out again