Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery V6.0 Review

Stellar Phoenix photo recovery 6.0
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Stellar Phoenix photo recovery is a complete Do-It-Yourself photo recovery software that recovers photos, images, songs, movies, and other multimedia files deleted or lost due to corruption or formatting of hard drives, memory cards, or external storage.

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We all have all experienced this nightmare : returning from a photo shoot, you put your card in the player and suddenly, it’s a disaster. The screen in front of you reads “corrupt files” or even worse… “invalid files”. Your heart racing, you put the card back in the camera, nearly having a panic attack. Another bad sign : “corrupt files” or “card error”. This really was the worse thing that could happen as you had taken so many precautions before your session. How should you deal with this ?

You launch a rescue plan. You only need a computer a software specialized in photo file recovery. I tested Stellar Phoenix Recovery with a 16-Gigabyte memory card damaged by a defective card player as a guinea pig. This card originally contained raw and JPEG photos (CR2 Canon) .

Before I inform you about the results, here is beforehand a few explanations about how this program works.

This program is able to retrieve files from a memory card but also from a USB stick, a camera, a phone or a hard disk. Beyond photography, it’s an extremely useful bit of software to have on your hard disk .

BE CAREFUL ! Never save the recovery software on the card that has files you want to retrieve, you’ll damage it even more. Always save the software on your computer’s hard disk and start it on the computer.


It gets all the photos back.

I got my raw and JPEG photos back, and I even got 260*120 tiny display stickers as a bonus. It has even retrieved photos coming from a previous photo shoot, even though the card has meanwhile been reformatted. Great performance !

However, you should watch out, because this software is extremely slow and you can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s working, because you risk having a severe crash. So give up reading your emails or visiting any website during the process.

If the software seems to freeze at some point, don’t worry. In fact, it continues to operate even if, in terms of percentage, the process doesn’t seem to progress that much anymore. So keep your patience with a book and come back a few hours later, once the process has finished.

A good solution would involve launching it in the evening and letting it work all night. Make sure you put a note on the keyboard saying “Don’t touch anything !” to avoid that any sleepwalker with all the best (but unfortunate) intentions prides himself on turning off the computer that consumes o much electricity at night time… crazy, is it not ? In the morning, at the crack of dawn, your files will all be retrieved. The icing on the pixel is that the program exists on both PC and Mac.