Summer is Here: Photos You’ll See on Instagram

In the olden days, before everyone walked around with cameras on their phones, you might have caught a quick glimpse of a friend’s vacation pictures every now and then. Today, however, apps like Instagram have made everyone’s vacation pictures the business of everyone else. With Instagram, you will know the instant your friends hit the sands of their vacation destination beach or the second they drop their kids off at pricey summer camp. Taking photos during the summer has almost become a national obsession. In fact, the hashtag “summer” was used on more than 9 million photos, making it the 14th most used in 2012, according to The Daily Dot.

The funny thing about Instagram is, after a while, some of the pictures you see will begin to blur together. For example, it will eventually become hard to remember who was at what lake when. The following are some of those very popular Instagram subjects we know you’ll see many multiples of this summer.

The Beautiful Sunset Shot

Over the course of the summer, you are guaranteed to see many sunsets on Instagram— sunsets at the beach, sunsets over the mountains, sunsets over a lake. You’ll see birds and boats silhouetted against sunsets and many shots of billowing clouds layered on top of pink, blue and orange skies.

Instagram sunrises, on the other hand, are a much rarer beast. Apparently, very few people have a desire to get up early on their vacations.

Photo by Nick Kellet via Flickr

The Fabulous Dinner and Drinks Shot

If your friend is enjoying a wonderful dinner and a cocktail with an umbrella in it, you are definitely going to know about it. That also goes for a fancy dinner in a foreign city. Because all of these food and drink shots begin to start looking like one another, some of your friends will be sure to prop a menu up with the name of the restaurant behind the food— just to make sure you know what you are missing.

Photo by Flickr user Sin Amigos

Amusement and Water parks

Face it. You are going to see a lot of pictures of your friends and their families having fun at various amusement parks and water parks. There is also a chance that you might feel a twinge of jealousy because they are obviously having lots of fun.

Maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire and look into a Wisconsin Dells packages. The Dells are known for being home to some of the best water parks in the nation. Two of the most notable are Noah’s Ark, which is the largest water park in America, and Wilderness Resort, which is the largest water park resort in the nation. Make sure to take lots of Instagram shots as your family members hit the water slides.

Photo by Andrew Bishop via Flickr

Your Friend’s Children

Whether your friends are dropping their kids off at an elite cheerleading camp or making crafts together with their offspring, you will see an Instagram of the moment. You will also see numerous shots of children jumping into pools and frolicking in the waves. Be prepared to say “Awww” a lot this summer.

Photo by Lisa Church via Flickr