The Olympus E-PL3: Professional Quality And Great For Newbies

Titled as the ‘Pen Lite’, Olympus E-PL3 is one of the lightest and simplest digital cameras around. The E-PL3 is great for beginners and photo enthusiasts alike. Its easy-to-use mode and high picture quality have made it a favorite among one and all. Available in a variety of colors, the digital camera is decked with plenty of attractive features and is available in an affordable range. Some of the key features of Olympus E-PL3 that makes it a must have are:

Adjustable LCD Screen

It is the first Olympus digital camera utilizing the technology of an adjustable screen, allowing an even easier capture of shoots. The 3 inch wide screen lets you view everything without having to move your hands, which lets you take a better photo.

Not only that, the E-PL3 has in-body stabilization. Now your children can use digital cameras with just as much efficiency as you, so you won’t have to be left out of family pictures. This technology also allows the use of Four Thirds lens for crystal clear images. If you are a new photographer, then you could have shaky hands, but with this feature of the E-PL3, your efforts will not go to waste.


Fast AF Technology and Face/Eye Detection

Olympus gives you better autofocus in their Pen Lite cameras. The camera is self-reliant and makes its own auto adjustments, which means you take pictures that are clear and accurate. The brightness level is also self-adjusting. You can take pictures at any time of the day or night without stressing over the darkness or too much brightness.

The E-PL3 also takes into consideration the face and eye view of the subject. You can forget about any blurring of the faces that are at the edge of the frame, as Olympus E-PL3 captures 8 faces simultaneously. Even when you take a photo in low light, the AF illuminator can capture sharp images up to 10 feet.


Camera Art and Slideshows

Do you like viewing the pictures in a slideshow without needing to wait for your PC to load? Olympus E-PL3 gives you this convenience. Not only can you easily watch a slideshow, you can even add effects, slow down or increase the speed of a video, add music to your slideshow and a lot more. No more is there a need to connect to your computer. You can prepare slideshows right on your Olympus E-PL3.


Wireless Sharing

Keeping in mind the sharing needs of its customers, the Olympus E-PL3 allows you to share your photos directly through wireless options like PP-1, Eye-Fi card or other media cards like SD, SDXC etc. You can directly transfer your photos to your PC or laptop and put them up on social media sites or email them to your loved ones.

Olympus E-PL3 is excellent for newbies and photo enthusiasts. Its advanced features and superb picture quality for snapshots, as well as videos, let you use the camera for every occasion with comfort and surety. The variety of scene selection options leaves you with more options than other cameras would give.