The Path: Making Nature Photography Take People Places

The Path
Making Nature Photography Take People Places

When you think of nature photography you might think of close up shots of flowers and gardens, looming mountains, or wide fields and landscapes. However many photographers want to take the pictures deeper. They want viewers to be drawn into the photo and tell a story with their images.

With that in mind, capturing both motion and nature the path is a great way to bring viewers into a photo. It makes them think about what is just around the corner or just down the street. It makes them say ‘I want to live there someday’ or ‘that is a place I would like to visit’. A blend of nostalgia and fantasy makes pathway photos particularly alluring.

The “path less traveled” is something we all think about. Paths represent choices in live and destinations. Capturing an image of a path is more than just flowers, trees or dirt. It is about moving forward and making more out of your life.

Here are some great examples of nature and paths intersecting :

Stefan Mendelsohn

By Tim Hoe

Wooden Path in the Birch Forest
By Batikart

Bogacsi Sunflowers
by JoannaRB2009