Three Vintage Ideas For Wedding Photography

Three Vintage Ideas For Wedding Photography

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Image By Treymathews7 (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

Having a vintage wedding is a great way to remember your special day along with a special date in time. Many of the things back in the old days were great but as time goes by, many people have long forgotten how things may have been. In this article, we will discuss 3 vintage ideas for wedding photography for those of you who are thinking of planning a wedding or those of you who are photographers, looking for a great idea for your next client.

If you in need of a wedding photographer before your wedding to help you put your ideas together, you can sign up online at a wedding registry for photographers or even a wedding registry for filmmakers if you would like a running play of your special day.

Emulate Your Star

Think back to when you were a little child. Do you remember your parents sitting on the couch watching a black and white movie such as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Meet Me in St. Louis or even Roman Holiday? These are classics that every romantic knows by heart. The lovely outfits, the drama, the vows of love, the desperation and then tears. For your big day, you could find pictures in old magazines, online or perhaps from a friend and use them to create your own engagement photo. Some photographers will have outfits that you could borrow to look like your famed lovers or you could even make your own costumes to pose in. Photos like these are great to put as table toppers, send with your wedding invitations, or even have a huge photo at your reception for all to see when they walk in.

Make Your Own Movie

Spend some time watching your favourite old romance movies and pick out a scene that really speaks to you. Then try and replicate that scene for your own movie. Find a tailor who will make you a satin faced Organza Gown with Illusion complete with a big lace bow on the front or perhaps if you would like a more classic looking dress you could go with the Bohemian Wedding Dress look. See if you can find a classic car to rent for the day and you could arrive at the church in true vintage fashion.

Oldies but Goodies

Perhaps you remember going to visit your grandma on a summer day when you were a kid. Your grandma would always take out her little tea cups and saucers with the flowers and the matching tea pot. She would carry it out on this silver tray and put it down in front of you. She would put down a little paper doily on the coffee table in front of you and then pour a little drop or two of tea into the cup for you. These are fond memories for many people when they think back to enjoyable memories visiting grandma. If you are looking for that cozy homey feeling for your wedding day, you could find a reception hall who can get a hold of this inventory for you. Then you could have all the tables set up with the vintage lace tablecloths and doily’s to match.

Deciding to go with vintage ideas for wedding photography is a nice touch to a modern wedding. With vintage times being anywhere from the 1910’s to the 1980’s, there are many ideas and avenues you can try out depending on which time period you may find was the best fit for both you and your new spouse. Many photographers can also use software to help some of your more modern photos look vintage if your budget is limited and you do not have the cash to decorate or set a scene.