Tilt Shift Tutorial: Simple Steps to Photoshop Images Flawlessly

The term “tilt shift” refers to the optical way of creating an effect. The secret of this effect is to make the real places, life-sized locations, or any other subject look like miniature models. Although the effect can be easily achieved through digital photo editing and apps like Instagram, but Photoshopping is the best tool to pull off best results.

To add this creative and unique type of effect in your photography, explore the tutorial detailed below and create a tilt-shift finish in just 30 minutes.


Tilt Shift Tutorial

Tiltshift house

Step One – Choosing Your Image:

First, you will need to pick out a suitable image to be edited in the Photoshop. Bear in mind that you will be creating an image like a miniature model that are usually viewed from above. Most excellent choice for you would be to select the images with buildings, roads, traffic and the like, so that you have reasonably wide-angle view to work on.