Tips For Taking Stunning Photos From Air

Aerial photography is perhaps most difficult types of photography. People are fascinated by the stunning shots taken from above as they can offer interesting and different perspective of things that are not visible from the ground. Aerial photography usually refers to capturing images of land from an elevated location. Most importantly, you cannot mount the camera on some holding ground based structure and have either to hold it or mount it on an aerial platform.

French Polynésia Mooréa Island

French Polynésia Mooréa Island

Important points to remember to take stunning photos from air:

Following are some of the most important point you should remember while venturing in aerial photography.

  • Small Aircraft:

If you want to fly especially for the sake of photography, it is always better to hire a small aircraft. Small flying machines are usually slower and have windows that can be opened thus providing you ample time and perfect view to take a stunning photograph.

  • Composition and Framing:

The key to successful aerial photography is that you should always align vertical images with vertical frame of your camera so that they can appear vertical in final piece. Try to shoot the same object from different angles as shadow may be more exciting from a different position. However, never take a photo when sun is directly behind you as it can distort the image. Furthermore, never shoot straight down otherwise the pictures will be lifeless and boring.

Sundern-Amecke, Germany

Sundern-Amecke, Germany

  • Be Ready for Camera Shakes:

It is obvious that your camera will be subjected to shakes and vibration causing blurry pictures. Although most of the cameras are fitted with vibration reduction (VR), it cannot perform well against the constant vibration and movement of aircraft. Therefore, you need to use a gyro stabilizer that prevents the motion of your camera in addition with allowing you to take pictures at slow shutter speed. However, the best solution of avoiding camera shakes is to use fast shutter speed to keep image blur at bay.

  • Get Sharp Pictures:

It is confirmed that view of the earth from height will include many objects and therefore, it is necessary to take as sharp a picture as possible. In this regard, most of the lenses will be sharper at 2 stop downs from the largest aperture. Therefore, it is a great idea to arrange lens that has a large aperture. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a professional zoom for this kind of photography. Many professional zooms are available in the market that are very sharp as they have wide apertures allowing more light to enter the camera and use of fast shutter speeds.

  • Appropriate Focal Lengths:

If you use wide focal lengths, for example, such as 18-24mm, you might get photos with landing gears or struts of the plane. Therefore, medium sized zooms and those with longer focal lengths would be better option in order to avoid the problem.

A hole in the clouds

A hole in the clouds

  • Look Around:

Taking photographs from the above can expose many different perspective of the same object. However, it is also necessary to shot from various angles. Furthermore, you need to take as many photographs as possible because it will leave you with more and interesting choices when you land on the ground.


Aerial photography is interesting as well as fun but you have to ensure that you use right equipment with right setting and state of mind. It is important because you might not get another chance to fly above the same location.